Prime Partners Program

The Prime Partners Program offers financial institutions an opportunity to be recognized for commitment to improving access to justice for low-income Ohioans. The Program highlights financial institutions demonstrating a commitment to civil legal aid by paying above the minimums required on IOLTA and IOTA accounts; by providing volunteers to legal aids, including board members; by donating resources to legal aid clinics or other community activities; and by any other effort which promotes access to justice in Ohio.

Citizens Bank, Congressional Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Heartland Bank and Key Bank are the Foundation's 2016 Prime Partner financial institutions.

Prime Partner financial institutions have met the Foundation's criteria for charitable giving, employee involvement, and corporate support for Ohio's legal aids.

The selected financial institutions also offer IOLTA and IOTA accounts - lawyer and title agent trust accounts - with rates and terms above the minimums required to establish the accounts. Interest earned on IOLTA and IOTA accounts is a critical source of funding for Ohio Legal Aid; every dollar of interest earned on IOLTA and IOTA accounts supports civil legal aid for low-income and vulnerable Ohioans.

"We are extremely proud to showcase the community commitment of our Prime Partner institutions," said Angela M. Lloyd, Executive Director. "With the resources of Ohio's legal aids stretched beyond capacity, it is gratifying to see these institutions recognizing the great need of families, seniors, and veterans in their communities, and their dedication to helping address that need."

Prime Partner financial institutions are promoted regularly by the Foundation to members of the Ohio State Bar Association, including those who attend the Association's Annual Meeting and Convention. In addition, Prime Partner financial institutions are regularly promoted on the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation website, as well as in print materials circulated to the legal community.

Download a copy of the Prime Partner Program informational flyer here.